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Cookies sales will no longer be happening here at Sunshine Texas Cookies BUT I will be sharing cookie recipes and everything related to cookies with you guys via Sunshine TX Blog! Just wanted to give people a summary of what is going on here at Sunshine Texas Cookies, please read on if you want the whole cup of tea.

So, to start out, thank each one of you for your continued support over the last couple of years buying my fun cookie creations. It really was a great joy for me to bake for you and your families and loved ones. I have been trying to figure out how to keep this passion project alive for the past few months and I think I have come to a wonderful solution.

A little backstory, I had my daughter in June of last year, I had a high-risk pregnancy and a slow recovery, much like my first pregnancy, and I think a lot of you noticed I slowed down considerably with flavor options and availability leading up to my daughter being born. Fast forward to January, I unfortunately had some medical issues pop up which are now ongoing and have made me reconfigure my diet and lifestyle. Genetics and getting older can be such a pain, right?! This has caused me to really sit down to pause and reflect on where my wonderful little cookie biz was heading, “Do I hire someone to make the cookies?” “Do I want to go down the route of commercial production still?” “Do I try to sell it?” and ultimately “Do I continue?”

The dream for this business was to pursue a hobby I had for years, baking, and make it into a profitable hustle I could work on. I had everything mapped out for commercial production, nationwide sales, a cute boutique bakery with all the warm and charming Texas hospitality trimmings. Y’all, it was going to be great! The dream could be a true reality and if any of you know me personally, it would be my mission to achieve it. Until it wasn’t. I found myself constantly fighting with myself on how to move forward after I had a massive gallbladder attack and in order for me to stay out of an OR, I had to stick with a low fat and low sugar diet. Many of those in business can empathize, you know how hard that can be when even your best laid plans are starting to look, well, not so great. It was hard for me to navigate the future of Sunshine Texas Cookies if I couldn’t continue developing and tasting what I was making. Testing out new flavors is literally the best perk to this job, and to take that aspect of product development out didn’t feel right to me. Plus, how can anyone stick to a diet with massive amounts of fresh cookies around weekly? Back to the drawing board I went.

In this time of great introspection, I tried to find what is it about business that really made me tick, what is it that brings me the greatest joy? If I took the ‘food’ portion out of the businesses I have started, what would I be left with? Ok, maybe it was divine timing trying to steer me down a different path, I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I had to embrace it. Can I condense my passion to one special skill I have and move forward wearing one hat instead of the many hats that business owners wear? I am no stranger to the grit it takes to grow, build and nurture a business to success. I spent over a decade doing just that with my first true love in business, a grade A goat dairy. These thoughts and reflections about myself and career were incessant and tireless. Through extensive research and personal reflection I felt I could condense my strongest business abilities to: marketing, content creation, product creation, and writing, intertwined with sales of course . And that’s where I figured it wouldn’t hurt to pursue writing about cookies, sharing recipes, giving the audience and clients I have built up over the past few years a look into how these wonderful delicious treats are made. This would also give me the opportunity to continue bringing joy to people via cookies. It was all coming together for me, I could still be creative and connected and even introduce some healthier cookie recipe options I have been tinkering with.

I have never done this before. I am great at creating content for the products I’ve developed over the years but have never shared my recipes or writing via blog. I feel it’s a good first step to carving out where my next career path will take me. I’ve always wanted to try blogging and now that I am a 34 year old momma of 2, nothing really scares me anymore. I am excited to share with y’all, I’m excited to try something new and I’m excited to do something I’ve always wanted to do. So, let’s get baking!

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