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2Tarts Bakery Cookie Tasting

2Tarts Bakery-New Braunfels, Texas

Nestled into the heart of downtown New Braunfels is a local bakery run by two sisters serving up some delectable goodies. Coffee, cakes, cookies, tarts, pies, and everything in between can be found in this gem that is open seven days a week from 7am-10pm. The bakery has been open since 2010 and has become a staple in the community. Their mission of investing back into New Braunfels shines through their business model as they donate thousands to the city and help to fund youth education and mentoring.

The accolades from this bakery are far and widespread, from articles written locally, statewide, and nationally, praising the bakery for its fun bakes and gorgeously decorated cakes. The two sisters have also been featured on Food Network and took home the title Championship for the Holiday Cookie Bake Off. It is safe to say, these are some very cool ladies who LOVE to bake.

I am no stranger to this bakery and have visited many times in the past, usually opting for a slice of their strawberry cream pie or a slice of cake. During a recent trip to New Braunfels, I stopped into the bakery to grab a few treats for the family which inspired an impromptu cookie tasting.  I purchased an assortment of pie slices, cake trifle, and cookies and will be sharing my thoughts on the cookies from this iconic and adorable bakery.

The following is a review of my experience with 2Tarts Bakery and my review of the 3 cookie flavors that I purchased: Snickerdoodle, Decorated Sugar Cookie, and Chocolate Chip. I have created a check list to keep my thoughts, notes, and review as objective as possible. All the comments I have made here are my own personal opinions.

*Note-I realize I should have purchased a bigger variety of cookies. Next time I visit I will be purchasing a minimum of 6 cookies to review and update this article.*

I will be reviewing 2Tarts Bakery based on 6 deciding factors: appearance, taste, texture, price/value, service/transport.



The bakery is easy to find and there is available parking in the street in front or to the parking lot on the side of the building. The bakery has inside/outside seating and the gift section is stocked with an assortment of non-bakery artsy items. There are large cases filled to the brim with an assortment of sliced pies, tarts, breads, cookies, an assortment of bars and brownies, and a case filled with whole and sliced cakes. This is the type of bakery I like walking into with everything stocked in the display neatly cut and organized for the customers to see. I noticed they were scooping cookies and frosting in the kitchen in the back as everything is made from scratch in house.

There is a large selection of desserts to choose from and I always end up ordering more desserts than I plan on getting since the variety is so appealing.

The appearance of the cookies was good. They were perfectly round, uniform, evenly proportioned, and the decorated sugar cookie was pre-decorated and waiting in the bakery case.




The flavors offered for drop cookies are standard and they also had gluten free cookie options and macarons.

My favorite was the Snickerdoodle cookie. It was a 2-2.5 ounce cookie, not too big, fit nicely in the palm of my hand. The cookie was the perfect thickness, not too flat with a slightly domed middle. The cinnamon was only added to the top of the cookie and had a nice sugar crust on the outside. The cookie was sweet with a very light tang and a creamy taste. I would have liked more cinnamon on the cookie and a little more tang, but this is my personal preference. This was very simple cookie flavor done very well.

The decorated sugar cookie was nothing shy of magnanimous. Three different colors of blush frosting piped with different patterns adorned the top of the cookie, ornately decorated with edible glitter powder, pearl and gold sprinkles, and large confetti style sprinkles. The ratio of frosting to cookie was large, lots of frosting. If you are the type of person who lives for frosting, this cookie is for you. I am not a fan of the amount of frosting as I felt it overwhelmed the flavor of the cookie. After removing the frosting from the top, the sugar cookie underneath was lovely. Sweet with a hint of vanilla and the same buttery taste as the snickerdoodle cookie. As beautiful as the assortment of sprinkles were on top of the cookie, they were not enjoyable to eat. They were way too hard and took away from the flavor of the cookie, but they were so pretty that I understand why they were added. These decorated cookies would be great for a birthday or special occasion because of how beautiful they are.

My least favorite was the Chocolate Chip Cookie. It tasted as though it was overbaked. It had a nice salt balance, and the ratio of chocolate chips in the cookie was nice but it lacked in flavor. I couldn’t taste vanilla and the toasty-ness of the cookie is all I could really taste when I ate this cookie.

Taste: 3/5 (overall for the 3 cookies)



The texture of the Snickerdoodle and Decorated Sugar Cookie were spectacular. They were thick without being cakey, chewy in the middle while still having a soft crumb and slightest crisp on the edges. They were baked well with a slight golden color on the bottom. The snickerdoodle had a nice sugar crust on the outside of the cookie that paired so well with the soft and chewy interior.

The texture of the decorative sprinkles on top of the sugar cookie were not fun to eat. They were very hard to bite into and when I was able to chew through them, they became crunchy sugar bits in my mouth which took away from the soft icing and chewy cookie underneath. In my opinion, these sprinkles were mainly for aesthetic purposes. When I removed the sprinkles, it was a very enjoyable cookie with the copious amounts of smooth frosting and soft chewy sugar cookie.

The Chocolate Chip cookie was the outlier as it was significantly darker, flatter, and had a very dry texture. It was very chewy as well with a dry crumb along the edges. Of course this is entirely objective of what my tastes are, if you are a fan of crisp and very chewy chocolate chip cookies, these fit the bill.

Texture: 4/5



These are average sized cookies, probably around 2 ounces per cookie except for the Decorated Sugar Cookie which was stacked high with frosting.

The cost per drop cookie is $2.50 with the decorated sugar cookie around $4. The Decorated sugar cookie was slightly higher in price but still came at a good value when you factor in the time and attention to detail the decorations required and the amount of frosting piled on top.

Price/Value: 5/5



Hot coffee and freshly baked cakes, cookies, and pies? This bakery smelled amazing. The cookies smelled like warm vanilla and toasted butter, and were everything a freshly baked cookie smells like.

Smell: 5/5



The staff was prompt and friendly at 2Tarts Bakery and the person serving me my baked treats even offered to warm up my purchased cookies prior to leaving. I appreciate the attention to detail and I loved walking out with a warm cookie ready to enjoy.



Total: 27/30


Final Thoughts

I enjoyed the cookies I purchased from 2Tarts Bakery. The flavors were simple and done well and I will not be leaving this establishment again without several cookies to enjoy, especially the Snickerdoodles.

Also, not discussed in the review, but the other options for desserts are immaculate. Their tarts, cake, and pies never disappoint and I highly recommend this bakery if you are in the market for something sweet!

For more information about 2Tarts Bakery please visit their website at

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